Blue Class Start Summer Work on The Jungle Book


Blue Class have started to read Jungle Book as our main literacy learning for the summer term at Turney School. The children have been introduced to the main characters, and then asked to consider which animals can be trusted, and which are perhaps not so friendly.

This is very early days for the children as they continue with their Jungle Book work. Already we have seen some fantastic work being created. Plenty of class learning resources are available.

The Blue Class children have been working on sequencing the story in the correct order, as well as improving their handwriting by overwriting some of the main characters.

Art work will also be created based around the Jungle Book. The Blue Class pupils are looking forward to creating a collage of their favourite animals.

Our geography work in Blue Class is also continuing with some great work being completed based on our transport theme. The children had a wonderful trip to the London Transport Museum just before the Easter break.

We will now look at the different ways in which we can use transport ahead of a possible summer trip. The children will be asked to use their knowledge of different countries, and to describe if the journey will be hot or cold.



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