Class 10MA Maths Multiplication Techniques


The Class 10MA students have been looking at different ways in which we can answer multiplication sums as part of our early maths learning for the summer term at Turney School.

Miss E and her maths teams have been helping each class member to choose a technique that they feel confident in using to answer a question.

One option has been to place the items being multiplied into equal groups. An example might be to have 3 piles, each containing 3 apples to help answer a sum of 3×3.

Another popular method was the array technique for multiplication. This involves drawing a set number of horizontal and vertical lines, and then counting the number of times each line crosses over.

A sum of 5×4 would require 5 horizontal lines, and then 4 vertical lines to form a grid. The students would count that these lines crossed over 20 times, to give an answer of 5×4=20.

The main theme for this multiplication learning is one of choice. Different students prefer different ways of working. Miss E and her team have been keen to help each class member select a method that works best for them.

Some of the students have been progressing to answering some complex work sheet questions. Mental maths has been one of the techniques used here. The pupils are asked to use their existing times table knowledge.

All of this maths learning is then evaluated at the end of each session. Miss E asks each class member to describe their progress, and to explain if they have enjoyed the work, and if so, why.




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