Class 8BM Learn About Different Film Genres


The Class 8BM students have started a thoughtful piece of work as part of their Film and Media learning at Turney school. Miss M has introduced the pupils to the idea of genre. This was explained as the way in which we can identify what the main theme in a film might be about.

The students have started this work by looking at genres such as action movies, comedies and romance. A selection of short trailers were played on the class whiteboard. Each pupil was asked to try and categorise what genre of film this might be.

Table work for this learning has involved the Class 8BM pupils matching up famous films with the correct genre name. Each class member has completed a worksheet to demonstrate their early knowledge.

Our film genre work will progress over the summer term so that each class member will be able to write their own short film review. We will ask the children to select their favourite genre, and then research a film that fits in with this category. A review explaining what we like about the film will then be completed.



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