Orange Class Summer Term Activities


The Orange Class pupils have settled well into the summer term after the Easter break. The children are once again fitting into the routine of the Turney School day, and already starting to show some progress with their learning.

Our main reading book for the first few weeks back will be Jack and the Beanstalk. Plenty of work activities have been arranged around this story, with a particular focus on Consonants, Vowels, Consonants words. This refers to words such as cab, bat, hat etc.

Some of the children have been choosing a selection of words from the story, and then using these to practise their own handwriting. Over-writing exercises have been completed, with the Orange Class children paying careful attention to each letter.

The Jack and the Beanstalk theme will continue with the Orange Class science learning for the summer term. The children will be learning about plant growth, and how we can help plants to grow healthily.

The pupils will be planting their own sunflowers, and then attending to these throughout the summer months. We are also planning on planting some cress seeds, which we can then be used during our Orange Class snack breaks.

Finally it is worth mentioning the wonderful trip that Orange Class had at the London Transport Museum just before the Easter break. The children were able to look at many different old forms of transport. We had a guided tour from a lady dressed as an old bus conductor.





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