Yellow Class Literacy and Music for the Summer Term


Yellow Class have started to read a new book with a slight twist: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. As the name suggests, this is a story that swaps some of the roles in the more traditional tale.

The table work for this topic has been focussed on helping the children continue with their phonics learning. Some of the Yellow Class members have been completing sentences from the story by selecting the right word.

Other pupils have been sorting pictures into categories of words that appear in the story, and then words that are not found in the book. Each class member has also completed a sheet where the various character shave been labelled.

Meanwhile our weekly music sessions in Yellow have involved the children exploring the concepts of quiet and loud. Each lesson starts with a listening exercise. A piece of music is played. The class members take it in turns to describe what they have heard using Communication in Print.

Miss H then asked each class member to choose a percussion instrument. The children were asked to play together a quiet, and then a loud sound.

This was has developed to look at the idea of quieter, and then louder. The Yellow Class children were asked to play their instruments to build up from quiet to loud, and then gradually back down again.







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