Class 10MA ICT Curriculum Learning

Recent ICT skills in Class 10MA have involved the students working on different activities, depending on the learning expectations that the staff have for them. Some of the class members have been completing online jigsaws. These require a good hand to mouse co-ordination. The difficulty level increases with each jigsaw that is completed.

Other students have been thinking about health and safety in the ICT suite. We have a series of special rules at Turney School that all students need to remember when working in the ICT suite. Some of the pupils have been creating health and safety posters using different software packages.

Some of the higher level students have started work on ICT coding activities. One of the tasks involves solving a coding puzzle by rotating a series of shapes so that they can all fit together.

Finally keyboard skills have been practiced as part of our Class 10MA ICT work. Some of the pupils have been using software that helps to speed up their typing skills. You can find out more about some of these activities in the short videos.





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