Class 9EG Prepare and Bake Tasty Pasties

Class 9EG have been making some wonderful progress during food tech sessions at Turney School. This is a group that has a wide range of learning needs. Food tech is a subject where all of the class members can work together, and help to support their friends as part of this learning.

A recent session involved the pupils preparing and baking a tasty meat and veg pasty. The lesson started with the pupils taking responsibility for collecting the ingredients and equipment that was needed. The recipe sheet was followed so that the correct amount of each ingredient was gathered from the food tech serving bar.

The preparation for our pasties saw the pupils grating the carrots and potatoes, and then carefully chopping the spring onions and cutting the basil. Puff pastry was then rolled out for the pasties, ahead of the filling being added.

This was quite a delicate session for some of the Class 9EG members. It involved them having to concentrate to make sure that the correct amount of mixture was used, and that the puff pastry wasn’t damaged.

The end result was a selection of pasties to take home and share amongst our families. The final task was a self-evaluation of the skills that has been used during the session.










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