Year 7 and 8 World War One Workshop


All secondary school students at Turney School recently had a wonderful workshop involving first hand learning all about World War One. This is a topic that the pupils have been researching since the start of the summer term.

Our table work has seen the students looking at how the Great War started, and which countries were involved. We then went on to look at how the War changed the lives of many people. Particular attention has been paid to life on the Home Front in Britain. Comparisons have been made with domestic life during World War One, and how we are now able to live our own lives.

The pupils had a successful trip to the Imperial War Museum as part of this learning. A follow up session then took place back at Turney School with a couple of guests visiting our classroom to help share some World War One artefacts.

The session started with our visitors showing various historic military costumes and artefacts. The pupils were asked where the costumes might have come from, and who might have worn them.

The students were then invited to choose one piece of clothing from this period that they could wear. Each pupil was then asked to describe what they had chosen, and then to consider who might have worn this. The pupils were able to demonstrate their knowledge about the different countries then fought during the Great War.

More exploration then took place with some of of the costumes being tried on. The Turney pupils were asked to comment on what it felt like to wear these clothes: were they heavy or light? Did the material feel rough or smooth?

This first hand experience should hopefully help to reinforce our learning about life during World War One, and some of the experiences that the soldiers had to face.















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