Class 8BM Sports Day Preparations at Turney School

Class 8BM are preparing for the Turney School sports day with some extra PE training. Mr Jones and his PE team have been helping out the pupils with the skills that they will need to succeed.

One of our main focusses has been on sprinting. This then developed into a mini-relay race. Mr Jones explained the importance of listening to instructions, and following our team mates if we are to win the relay. The pupils practised their relay sprints by passing a rubber ring from one runner to the next.

Tennis coaching will also be part of our PE learning for the summer term. We are very grateful to our friends at the nearby Dulwich Tennis Club who are helping out with the coaching. The pupils have been visiting on a weekly basis to help gain some of the basic techniques needed.

This learning has been reinforced back at Turney School. The pupils have been helping to gain a better racket handling ability by balancing the ball on the racket. This progressed to walking around the school gym whilst bouncing the ball.








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