Turney School Choir Sing Queen and Bowie!


A couple of new songs have been introduced by Miss G to the weekly singing and signing assemblies at Turney School. We Are the Champions and Starman have both now been added to the Turney Choir’s growing repertoire.

Miss G started a recent assembly by recapping on the existing knowledge. The students were able to correctly identify that We Are The Champions was originally performed by Queen. Each line from the song was read out by Miss G, with the Choir then repeating the words back.

Volunteers were then asked to lead from the front with the signing. This is quite a brave challenge to take, as some of the signs are new to the students. A lively rendition of We Are The Champions then followed!

This session was also the first time that Starman was introduced to the Turney Choir. Miss G started the teaching by asking the students what they already knew about David Bowie.

The lyrics for this song contained some new words and signs for the pupils. Miss G and her team helped the Choir members to feel comfortable with the song.

A first brief run through followed. The Turney Choir will be building upon both songs as we continue with our weekly singing and signing sessions through until the end of term.


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