A Busy End of Term in Blue Class at Turney School


The Blue Class pupils at Turney School are coming towards the close of what has been an incredibly busy summer term. We all had an amazing time on our trip the V&A Museum of Childhood. The main reason for our visit was to take part in a sensory workshop themed around a trip to the seaside.

History learning in Blue Class has involved the children looking at the twelve Gods of Olympus. We have seen how each God had a specific power. The learning has been approached in a game form.

Some of the children have use the Picture Exchange Communication system to label each God. Other class members have been able to describe the characteristics in a simple sentence.

Our science work in Blue has seen the children look at the idea of healthy eating and the importance of oral hygiene. Different items of food have been sorted by each class member and placed on a plate or a basket, depending on their food type.

This learning has taken on a practical form with weekly trips to a nearby local cafe. The Blue Class children are asked to look at the menu, and to decide which of the options are the healthiest to eat.

Finally we are looking forward to our end of year treat to the cinema! Blue Class will be watching a screening of Kung Fu Panda during the final week of term. Class teacher Chrissie has been helping the children to become familiar with the storyline and characters by creating some work based on the film during class reading time.



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