Hooray for Fish in Silver Class!


Silver Class are coming towards the end of their Hooray for Fish class topic. This is a book that the children have shown a great interest for. It tells the story of many different types of fish – eye fish, shy fish, fly fish and sky fish!

We have approached the learning by using plenty of music and singing. The Silver Class children have had fun singing the Hooray for Fish song together. We have also involved a maths element to this learning by counting the number of fish that we can see.

Elsewhere in Silver Class and the weekly trips to the nearby Dulwich Park have been continuing. This is an opportunity for the children to leave the school environment, and then explore another part of our community. The teaching staff encourage the use of the Picture Exchange Communication system to help the children with their requests on these short trips.

We are also looking forward to an end of term trip to Greenwich during the final week of teaching. The children will be watching Kung Fu Panda film at the cinema, and then enjoying an afternoon picnic at Greenwich Park. This is being held in celebration of the many achievements that we have made in Silver Class since September.

Finally it is worth mentioning the Silver Class contribution to the Turney School Sports Day. The children had great fun competing in events such as the sack race, the egg & spoon race and javelin throwing.



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