Orange Class Peach Themed Food Tech!


Orange Class have been enjoying their weekly food tech sessions throughout the summer term at Turney School. These have been themed around our current literacy learning looking at James and the Giant Peach.

Different recipes have been prepared using peaches as the main theme. The children have made peach drinks and peach puffs, and an incredibly tasty peach crumble.

Each class member is given a simple recipe card to help them with their work. These include a list of five instructions that the children are able to follow to help complete the task.

Once the food has been prepared, we then enjoy a shared class tasting session, as well as leaving a little food for the children to take home. Follow up table work is also part of this learning. The Orange Class children have been sequencing the different steps in their food tech books.

This is a wonderful way for the children to explore the idea of food and to appreciate the meals that we eat. The teaching staff question the children at every stage of the learning about what they are preparing, and how it fits in with the overall recipe.







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