Singing and Signing Celebration Assembly


The weekly singing and signing assemblies are now coming to a close as we reach the end of the summer term at Turney School. Miss G and her music team have been working with the secondary school pupils throughout the school year on learning some new songs, and feeling confident to sign out the words.

We celebrated this knowledge with one of the final assemblies for the school year. Miss G asked the pupils to choose a selection of their favourite songs that we have been working on since September.

Four songs were then performed with great enthusiasm: Let It Go, Three Little Birds, Singing in the Rain and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Volunteers proudly stepped up to the front of the assembly to lead with the signing. All pupils are encouraged to sign as well as sing. It is what makes our assemblies so inclusive.

The assembly came to a close by singing happy birthday to Ade. We look forward to the weekly assemblies being introduced to a selection of new songs in September!





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