Turney Sixth Form Students Create Ceramics


Arts and Crafts in the Turney Sixth Form has seen the student create some intricate ceramic tiles. The students were asked to design their own print to place on the soft clay. Patterns were created using resources such as paper doilies.

The students were able to work on the entire process from creating the design in soft clay through to firing the tiles in the school kiln. The next stage is to think of a suitable colour scheme to decorate the tiles with.

Elsewhere in the Turney Sixth Form and the students have been looking at the idea of looking after our environment as part of our continuous life learning lessons. The pupils have seen how some items of our household waste can be placed in a compost, whereas others are more suitable for re-cycling.

Each pupil has sorted a list of waste items into either a compost pile or a re-cycling bin. We have been learning how the worms in a compost like to eat through natural waste, but not man-made items such as plastics.










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