Weekly Music Sessions in Purple Class


Purple Class have been continuing with their weekly music lessons throughout the summer term. This is a special time where the children get to visit the Turney School music studio and develop their musical understanding with Miss G.

These sessions are structured to include some sensory learning. We usually start with some soft music being played, and a selection of soft materials available for the children to explore. The main aim here is to focus on listening skills.

Small group activities then take place. Some of the Purple Class children have been working on improving their sense of rhythm. The Turney School drums have been used to beat out the rhythm on some of the nursery rhymes that we are familiar with.

Another group of children have been focussing their efforts on making requests for particular instruments. The Picture Exchange Communication system is used. The children are given a choice of instruments including the ukulele, drums and maracas. They are rewarded with their instrument of choice, once they have successfully made their request.










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