Blue Class Curriculum for the Autumn Term Ahead


The new Blue Class pupils at Turney School have successfully made the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. This is quite a major move as it involves new structures and routines in the school day. Class teacher Chrissie and her team have been helping the children to make the adjustments.

Some promising early work has already been produced by the pupils. Each class member has created a poster displaying their name. Different sensory materials were used for this activity. The class members were asked to follow the outlines of their name as carefully as possible.

Future teaching in Blue Class will include a look at the Jungle Book as part of our English work. We will helping the children to become familiar with the story, and then to complete some story sequencing work sheets. Pictures of the characters in the story will be made available. The pupils will be asked to recognise and describe each character.

Our maths work in Blue Class will involve a look at different shapes. The children will be taught how to identify the different properties such as sides and corners in in a shape.

Finally our geography topic in Blue Class will look at the land and sea. This will lead to an introduction to map reading. We will be seeing how the land is coloured in green, whilst the sea appears as blue.





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