Class 11MA Prepare for Weekly College Sessions


Class 11MA will be attending the Roots and Shoot college every Friday morning throughout the autumn term. This is a special learning space where the pupils are able to learn about different outdoors skills. It also serves as a transitional project ahead of a possible college transfer after Year 11 at Turney School.

The work at Roots and Shoots is very practical. There is plenty of digging and planting of new seeds. The students will be growing different vegetables and plants as part of the learning. The science behind this growth is also explored as part of this project.

One of the key objectives is to help the Class 11MA students feel confident outside of the Turney School environment. The pupils eat their lunch at Roots and Shoots alongside students from other schools. This helps to develop the social skills of all students. It also fits in with the key theme of independence in the community that forms a large part of Year 11 learning at Turney School

Elsewhere in Class 11MA and a large part of classroom learning for the year ahead will be to prepare for the GCSE Entry Level in Humanities. This involves the pupils creating some coursework to demonstrate their knowledge. We will be learning about Martin Luther King as part of the history syllabus, and then different world religions for RE.


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