Class 9TD Autumn Term Maths Learning


Class 9TD have settled well into their maths learning routine for the new term at Turney School. We offer a very structured form of learning so that each pupil understands what takes place next in the lesson, as well as to help them to feel confident in their learning.

A brief physical warm up usually starts each lesson. This helps to prepare both mind and body for the learning ahead.

Class members take it in turns each lesson to then announce the date and weather. The correct date needs to be chosen, and then a card selected to describe the weather that we can see outside.

We have also introduced the idea of the Number of the Day. A different number is selected for each lesson. Pupils are then asked to draw and write the number on the large class whiteboard. The number is then located on the timeline with the class members asked what comes before and after the number.

Various table activities then take place. Some of the key vocabulary words for this term include count, order, altogether and more. The pupils have been competing overwriting exercises to help develop their number formation skills. Another table work activity involves the students sorting numbers from 1-30 into the correct order on a number grid.

The final task for the lesson is for a work sheet to be completed by each class member. A recent lesson required the pupils to focus on tens and units, and to identify how many of these appeared on a work sheet.











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