Year 13 Turney Students Practice Boccia and Curling


We are incredibly pleased to welcome a new form of sixth form students to Turney School for the start of the autumn term. Joining the Year 13 pupils is a new Year 12 class. This includes some familiar returning Turney students, as well as some new friends.

The first few days in the sixth form have involved a settling in period as the students start to feel comfortable in their new surrounding and with their new status.

Both classes are based in the purpose built Turney School sixth form unit. This includes kitchen facilities to help develop independence. The students also wear a slightly more relaxed school uniform to help identify their status.

Friday morning for the Year 13 pupils involves plenty of sport. A short indoor sports session starts the day, before the students head off to the nearby Crystal Palace for a morning of swimming.

Boccia and curling are two of the main sports that the students have been playing indoors. A recent session started with a reminder of the rules and techniques required to succeed.

Mr Jones and his PE team are keen for the students to understand how they can improve their abilities. An element of adjustment is needed in both sports. The staff also encourage the pupils to govern the games themselves. Players need to be aware when it is their turn to take part, and also to keep track of the scores.

It all makes for a fun way to start a Friday morning, as you can see from the short videos below.

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