Class 12SH Music Composition on the Turney Keyboards


Class 12SH have been working on creating their own simple musical compositions on the Turney School keyboards. Each session usually starts with a listening exercise to help the pupils get in the right frame of mind. Communication in Print cards are used to describe a piece of music that has just been played.

Some of the students have been making some superb progress on the keyboards. They are able to recognise where certain notes can be found without the need for labels.

Miss H set the challenge of asking the pupils to think of the spelling for a word that is made up of the letters that we use as part of the musical scale. An example might be CAB, or FAB. Each class member then played out their word on the keyboards.

Other Class 12SH pupils have been using the keyboards to help improve their motor skills. Patterns of notes have been played up and down the keyboard.

Each session usually comes to close with some music and movement time. The students listen to pace of different pieces of music, and then move around the music studio to match this mood.




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