Class 8RH Autumnal Art and PSHCE Allotment Trips


Our timely autumnal art theme in Class 8RH at Turney School is to explore nature in art. This had led to some sculptures being created of autumn trees and their leaves.

The pupils started off this project by first using cardboard tubes as the bases. Different layers of paper mache were then built up to give each tree some structure.

The pupils were asked to pay close attention to the colours that we can see on trees around this time of the year. This detail was then carefully added. Painted leaves will be the next part of the process.

Once each tree is completed then we will be creating a special Class 8RH autumn forest.

Elsewhere in Class 8RH and the pupils have also been working outdoors as part of their PSHCE learning. Weekly visits have been made to the nearby allotments to help prepare the ground for the winter months ahead.

The pupils have been digging out the soil and removing many of the weeds. Different tools have been used, with the students selecting what they think is the most appropriate resource to use for each job.

This practical PSHCE work has been followed up in the classroom with some table work activity. Class 8RH have been listing all of the gardening tools that they have used, and then describing what specific job they are used for.






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