Class 9JB Stories and Imagination Artwork


Recent artwork in Class 9JB at Turney School has involved the pupils creating some paper mache models of balloons. The students have started an overall art theme of stories and imagination. The learning intention behind the balloons is to help each class member create their own story based on the models.

The artwork started with a party balloon being blown up. The pupils then carefully added many layers of paper mache to help reinforce the shape and strength of the balloons.

Once this is dry then Class 9JB will start to think about the designs that they want to decorate their balloons with. The final task will be to create a balloon basket underneath. Models of each class member will then be placed in the baskets. This will hopefully be the stimulus for come creative writing.

The teaching staff have been keen for each class member to manage their own balloon building project. The different stages have been explained, but we have encouraged the students to take responsibility for their own work at every level.




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