Class 9TD Science Research on the Human Heart


Class 9TD have been carrying out some thoughtful science work exploring the main organs that we can find inside the human body. The aim was to help the students to identify some of the key features, and to also introduce some new vocabulary.

This work started with some practical work involving stethoscopes. The students have been finding out how to locate and listen to their own heartbeat. We have been learning how the blood is pumped around our bodies with each heartbeat.

After some careful listening, a drum was then passed around. Each pupil played out the sound of their heartbeat that they had heard using the drum.

Different table work activities then followed. Some of the Class 9TD members placed pictures of the heart, lungs, kidneys and brains in the correct place on a diagram of the human body. These were then labelled.

Another groups was asked to carry out this activity a stage further, by writing a simple sentence that described each body organ. One example was: “My heart is red and I can listen to it beat.”






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