Fun in the Turney School Singing and Signing Assembly


The weekly singing and signing assemblies at Turney School have been continuing to explore some new songs by a new selection of artists. One of the current Turney favourites is Queen’s We Are the Champions.

The pupils have been learning a little more about some of the artists as well. Most pupils are now familiar with band members from Queen.

Music teacher Miss H leads the assemblies, along with staff member Debbie helping out with her expert signing skills. Volunteers are always encouraged to join in at the front of the assembly and set a proud example with our signing skills.

Special praise was given by Miss H to Sixth Form pupil Aaron during a recent assembly. It was explained how Aaron was helping out the younger pupils with his wonderful signing skills.

As a reward Aaron was asked to select the next song. The assembly enjoyed a lively run through of Singing in the Rain, before finishing off with a powerful performance of Tomorrow from the musical Annie.

The weekly singing and signing assembly came to a close with all of the pupils singing Happy Birthday to Sixth Form student Edward.



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