Green Class Animal Literacy Learning


Green Class have been continuing with their current topic themed all around animals. We have been reading a number of stories to help us with our learning. Jungle Book is the current focus for the children.

This is a story that contains plenty of music and singing. The Green Class children have enjoyed dancing in class to the song Bear Necessities.

Our science work has also continued the animal theme. The children have been learning about the different stages of animal growth starting with baby animals, through to when different species are fully grown. We will soon start looking at human growth.

Plenty of phonic based activities have also been completed. Our daily guided reading sessions have also involved the Green Class children focussing on letter character formation. The outlines of different letters have been traced in sand. The children have also used play dough to shape their letters.

The teaching staff have also been encouraging the pupils to help complete their own registration process each morning. Each class member is invited to write their own name on the class whiteboard before we start our learning.




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