Learning to Share the Silver Class Resources


The new Silver Class children are continuing to settle in well during their first term as Turney School pupils. The first month in Silver Class has been spent helping the children to become aware of the school routine.

All of the children have been getting to know their new friends as well as the teaching staff. An important part of this learning is to understand how adults can help us at Turney School, and to build up a level of trust.

This learning is carried out with plenty of play taking place. We have many amazing resources in Silver Class. The children have been exploring some of the sensory play toys, and also learning how to share them.

PE lessons have also been an early favourite for the Silver Class children. We use the main hall space at Turney School and set up a number of different work stations. The children have been using the trampolines, as well as exploring the tunnels that are set up.

Our artwork has involved the children starting work on making some windmills. Sticks have been painted in a selection of bright colours. The next task will be to add the sails.

Some more structured learning will gradually be introduced after the half term break. This has been a brilliant start for the new Silver Class!








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