Orange Class Literacy Work Learning About Size


The Orange class children at Turney School have been busy reading the story of Titch. As the name suggests, this is a story that helps the children to understand ideas associated with different sizes and heights.

Titch has an elder sister and brother. They are both bigger than him. All three work together to help complete some tasks using tools of different sizes.

The Orange Class children have completed a number of table work activities based on the Titch book. New vocabulary words have been introduced, which have then been traced out to help improve our handwriting.

Matching activities have taken place involving the children pairing up the correct new word with a picture of what it is describing. Examples include a trumpet, a drum and a whistle.

Some sorting activities have also been completed by the Orange Class children. Each class member has been sorting some of the objects found in the book into a sequence starting from smallest first, and finishing with the largest.



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