Class 10EG Maths Measurement Learning


Class 10EG at Turney School have been looking at different ways in which we can measure various items as part of our recent maths learning. The structure for these lessons is continuing the provide the students with a familiar way in which to continue to learn.

Class members take it in turns to tell our friends what the date is, and to describe the weather. Key words are then introduced and repeated. Class 10EG are currently working on improving their understanding of concepts such as long, tall, short, small, big, thick and thin.

Items around the classroom were then looked at. We compared a book with a ruler. Class 10EG were able to see that a book is thick when compared to a thin ruler. Units of measurement were also considered. The pupils are understanding the difference between centimetres and meters, and then identifying which of these is most suitable for measuring a particular object.

It was then time for a series of table activities. Some of the pupils used lego blocks to measure different items. These included a book, a pencil and a water bottle. Another worksheet asked the pupils if they would use centimetres or metres to measure certain objects. An example might be that centimetres can be used to measure a jam jar, whereas metres are probably more appropriate to measure a tree.






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