Class 9TD Improve Hockey Skills During PE Lessons


Class 9TD have been working on improving their hockey skills during recent PE sessions at Turney School. This can be quite a technical sport for the students to enjoy. Mr Jones and his PE team have been working on some of the basic skills, such as how to safely hold a hockey stick, and the importance of keeping our eye on the ball whilst we are making a pass or a shot.

Different work stations have been set up in the school gym. Some of the pupils practiced their passing skills. Pairs of student passed a ball between each other. The distance was slightly increased each time that the partners were able to achieve a number of successful passes.

Other work stations focussed on dribbling and shooting activities. The students dribbled a ball between some cones, and then finished off with a shot at goal. Once these skills have been improved to a higher level then Class 9TD will be able to set up some hockey games during our PE lessons.








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