Using PECS to Improve Communication at Turney School


Students throughout Turney School have been continuing with their weekly extra PECS sessions. The Picture Exchange Communication System is key to how students and staff share their learning with one another at Turney School. The students have varying communication skills. PECS is the one system that allows all students to access the curriculum and improve their learning.

Miss H and her team have been working with the non-verbal students to help boost their PECS skills. These extra weekly sessions are structured so that the pupils can then use their new skills to be able to learn and share with the teaching activities throughout the remainder of the school week.

Each pupil has individual communications needs. Miss H has structured the learning so that the next phase can be achieved by each pupil. These sessions usually start with a snack request. Choices are made available. The students are asked to make a request for a mid-morning snack using their PECS boards.

Other activities cover understanding different colours and shapes. The students use PECS to communicate what they can see in front of them. Rewards are always given whenever an activity is completed successfully. The pupils especially enjoy their free time on the Turney School keyboards.

This extra PECS boost will continue throughout the school year at Turney. The long term aim is to build up sentence composition using PECS.




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