Class 10EG Explore Nature Theme During Art Sessions

Autumn term artwork in Class 10EG at Turney School has been themed around the topic of nature. All term the pupils have been working on creating pieces of art that demonstrate an understanding of nature. Different resources and materials and have been used throughout.

A recent project involved the Class 10EG students creating a sculpture of an autumnal leaf using clay. This work started with a real life leaf being brought into the Turney art studio. The pupils worked with wet clay to trace and cut around the leaf using a sharp pencil. Extra detail and texture was also added in to the clay.

The next stage involved the clay being safely placed into the school kiln. This hardened up the clay. One our sculptures were dry, the pupils then glazed their pieces of art. Each class member was given a choice of autumnal colours to work with.

Finally the leaves were then placed into the kiln for one final firing up. This helped to seal the glaze and to give a smooth effect. The pupils observed how the kiln changed the original colour of our glaze to leave an even brighter autumnal feeling.

A separate piece of autumn work has now been started by the Class 10EG involving the creation of a forest scene. Different collage layers have been built up to show a scene from a forest. Tape, paint, paper and crayons have all been added into our pictures.

Each class member was asked to work independently and follow the instruction that were given. Once the paint has dried off then the tape is gently removed to leave a print of a tree in the forest. This will be our final project for the autumn term.

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