Lime Class English and Maths Learning

Lime Class have been concentrating on improving their written skills as the main learning objective for most of the autumn term at Turney School. We have combined this with our science topic of looking at many different mini-beasts.

Ants, spiders, caterpillars and butterflies have all featured in our learning. The children have completed a comprehension exercise involving answering some questions using the knowledge that we now have of mini-beasts.

Each Lime Class member has also written a non-chronological report about mini-beasts. The aim here was for some of the key facts about the insects to be recognised by the children. This work involved the life cycle of a caterpillar being described.

Elsewhere in Lime Class and the pupils have also been working hard in recent weeks on their maths learning. Some of the children have had the aim of improving their number recognition and counting skills. A higher ability group has been focussing on addition and subtraction sums. Counters have been used to help visualise the sums being answered.

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