Year 11 Improve their Basketball Teamwork Skills

The Year 11 students at Turney school have been working on improving their basketball skills during recent PE lessons. This is a very talented group of pupils. They have been listening to the instructions from Mr Jones and learning how to improve their techniques at a great pace.

Passing and shooting have been the two key elements for this activity. One group worked on setting up a sequence that led to hopefully a basket being scored. This involved running, catching, shooting and then returning the ball.

Another group of Year 11 students set up a basketball game play situation. Mr Jones encouraged the pupils to find space and work together as a team. It was explained that communication is important in most sports. Year 11 players were encouraged to call out their name to a team mate if they were able to find some space on the court.

The Year 11 PE session finished with a recap of the core skills that had been learnt. These included finding space, communication and looking before we receive a pass. You can see some of these taking place in the videos below.

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