Blue Class Start British Values Spring Term Topic

Blue Class are about to start an ambitious topic for the spring term as we start to learn all about British values. A large part of this learning will be to consider what are thought of as traditional British values, and to look for examples of them in how we live today.

We are hopeful of organising a trip to the historic Hampton Court Palace. The children will be asked to think about how Tudor Kings and Queen might have lived, and then to compare this lifestyle with modern day Britain.

We will also be learning about Queen Elizabeth II. A biography has been put together by the teaching staff showing the major events in the life of the current Queen. This book ends by saying: this is the Queen’s story – what is yours?

This learning will then lead to the Blue Class children writing the basics of their own biographies. They will be thinking about their backgrounds, and some of their favourite activities and interest to include in their stories. Mirrors will be used to help create a sense of self-awareness.

The British Union flag will also be looked at. We will be asking the Blue Class children to recognise the colours and the design that is used.

Elsewhere and our Blue Class maths work will have a heavy focus this term on counting. We are aiming for all pupils to feel confident when counting up and down the number line. Our science learning will look at plant growth. We will soon start to organise regular trips to the nearby school allotment.

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