Class 10EG Solids and Liquids Science Learning

Class 10EG have been continuing their science work learning about the properties of solids and liquids. A recent lesson involved the students exploring some of the items that had been placed inside a special science box. These included biscuits, chocolate, pasta, spaghetti, Lego, paper and fluffy wire.

The first questioned asked by Miss G was: Are these materials solids or liquids? The students were all able to correctly identify that we were looking at solids today. Each class member was asked to choose one object. These were then placed in a plastic bag as a sample.

Miss G then asked the Class 10EG students to explore their own samples. Vocabulary was introduced to help with this activity. The pupils were asked to touch, hold, break, bend, pick, shake, smash and put back together. This was a very hands on practical science session!

The students were asked to observe what is taking place with each action, and then describe what they could see. Help was given to try and improve some of the descriptive words that we can use.

The next stage for this science learning will be for Class 10EG to think about how we change the appearance of both solids and liquids. Adding heat or placing a material in a cold environment will be some of the techniques that we will be using.

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