Class 9JB Spring Term Music Learning

Class 9JB have been enjoying a mixture of musical activities at the start of the new spring term at Turney School. Our regular sessions in the school music studio usually start with Miss G helping the pupils to prepare for the learning ahead.

A piece of music is played for the class members to listen to. Sensory material is placed on the tables, and soft bubbles are blown by staff members to add to the calming atmosphere.

Picture Exchange Communication boards are then used to help the students describe what they have just heard. Each class member is asked to form a sentence using PECS, with words added such as fast, slow, quiet and loud.

Different music table activities were then set up. Some of the pupils worked on the basic of chord formation using the small bells and the boomwhackers. Pictures were presented to the pupils showing a combination of three coloured bells. PECS as used to create a sentence, asking for the correct coloured bell.

When played in sequence, the three bells formed the basis of a chord. The same was true for the correct selection of the boomwhackers.

Another group of pupils were given a free choice of percussion instrument. The aim here is to encourage free choice, and for the students to explore what sounds are possible with the different instruments.

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