Class 9TD English Focus on Handwriting and Verbs

Our literacy work in Class 9TD at Turney School has been focussed on helping the pupils continue to improve their handwriting skills. Each lesson usually starts with a little extra time to look at letter formation techniques.

Self-evaluation is a large part of this learning. English teacher Miss M encourages the class members to take a critical look at their own handwriting. Targets are set for future lessons. These include areas such as writing in a straight line, keeping the letters the same size and having a space in-between each word.

Another spring term emphasis for the Class 9TD students this term is to use some powerful verbs in our writing. Miss M helped the class members to define what is meant by a verb. We soon understood that this is a ‘doing’ word. Practical examples took place, with the pupils standing, walking and then clapping.

Each class member completed a verb worksheet. The first task was to identify the verb in each sentence. We then looked at the positioning of the verb in the sentences. The pupils found that this was always towards the front of each sentence.

The lessons came to a close with Class 9TD thinking of a new sentence for their bossy verbs. Miss M and her staff will be working with the students over the coming weeks to help them use verbs creatively in their own stories.

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