New Starters in Turney School Silver Class

We are very pleased to welcome two new friends to the Silver Class at Turney School for the start of the spring term. The new starters have been settling in well and are learning and playing with the other class members.

Much of our learning in Silver Class is to help to prepare the children for when they leave the Reception Class. Key Stage 1 learning at Turney School will introduce the children to table activities for the first time. Silver Class helps the pupils to prepare for the transition.

We have also been looking at the letters of the alphabet, and learning how to improve our cutting skills. The children have been creating some pictures using different sensory materials.

Lego number blocks have helped the children with their counting. A Silver Class car park model has also been created. The children are asked to park a toy car in a particular numbered parking bay. Counting skills have also been boosted by using working with some soft balls in a jar.

Some of the class members have been making some considerable progress with their verbal communication skills. This is quite an achievement. Activities such as requesting snack or a classroom resource are used to help improve confidence levels when speaking.

The Silver Class children have also started their weekly swimming sessions at Crystal Palace Leisure Centre. This is a major step for some of the children. Plenty of adult support helps to make sure that these sessions are safe and plenty of fun.

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