Purple Class Hungry Caterpillar Learning

The Purple Class children have settled well back into the Turney School routine following the Christmas break. Many of the activities that we take part in are based on routine to help the children with their learning needs.

Class teacher Kasia welcomes the children each morning with plenty of singing. All Purple class members are given some one-on-one time with the adults, who sing and welcome them to the start of the new Turney School day.

One of our main themes in Purple class over the coming weeks will be to carry out plenty of work based around The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. This is a story that pupils of all abilities can access as part of the activities that we have planned.

Some of the children have been matching the different food types. The class members match a picture of a particular food by sticking the velcro image on a matching larger picture. Other picture cards have also been used to put the story in sequence.

The Purple Class children have been practicing their handwriting by over-writing letters and words that are found in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Plenty of cutting and colouring of the hungry caterpillar has also taken place.

We are also continuing in Purple Class with our weekly trip to the local park and shops. The children have been looking in the park at where caterpillars might live. Our shopping trips have been used to recognise some of the fruits that the caterpillar has been eating.

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