Red Class Explore Emotions and Feelings

The Red Class children at Turney School have just started a major topic for the spring term themed around the Swimming book by Leo Lionni. This tells the story of how a fish that is a different colour from all of the other fishes eventually manages to find acceptance.

We are using this story in Red Class across many different levels as part of our bibliotherapy learning. It is a very useful story to help the children think a little more about the differences between our friends, and how we can achieve more if we work together as a team.

Another issue addressed in the book is that of bullying. The Red Class children have been thinking about what it might feel like if you are the only fish or person that is being picked on. We have been talking about finding solutions and how we can all work to stay strong class friends.

This is a great example of how literature can be used in the classroom to help understand feelings and emotions. The Red Class children have been considering what it means to feel happy, sad, lonely and scared.

Our artwork in Red Class will involve the children creating a large display of the many different coloured fish. Our own faces will be added onto the bodies of the fish that we create. We will be acting out the story in drama lessons. Literacy learning will involve the pupils using a large 3D diagram of the fishes in the story to help create sentences.

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