Spring Term Maths Activities in Yellow Class

The main maths focus for the Yellow Class pupils during the spring term at Turney School is to work as independently as possible. Each class member is aware of their own timetable. They use their Picture Exchange Communication system to place the correct image on their own table board ahead of the learning.

A number of different table activities have been set up by class teacher Anna and her team. All of these are prepared to help each pupil achieve their maximum level of learning, depending on their abilities.

Many new maths resources have been bought for the spring term. Some of the pupils are enjoying exploring the shoebox maths game. This involves placing the correct sized wooden shapes into the holes in the different shoeboxes.

Another activity requires the Yellow Class pupils to correctly sort a number of different shapes. These are ordered not only by shape categories, but also colours. The children are constantly asked by the teaching staff to describe each shape and to correctly identify them.

Some of the higher ability pupils are able to sequence numbers from one to ten in the correct order. Free choosing time is given when each class member has successfully completed their maths challenge for the day.

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