Busy Spring Term in Turney School Green Class

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been the main literacy book for the Green Class children. Plenty of role play has been carried out to help the children sequence the story. We have also completed some artwork with a golden ticket created by each class member.

Maths work in Green Class has seen plenty of work based around the number line. The main objective has been to help the children to add one at different levels along the number line. We have made this fun by using animals to help make the jump.

Our regular trips into the local community continue in Green Class. Each Thursday we visit the local shop with a set shopping list. These ingredients are then used to for the food tech session each Friday. Recent food tech snacks that we have baked include spring rolls, Mexican tacos and healthy salads.

Swimming also continues each week up at Crystal Palace. Some of the more confident Green Class members receive coaching in how to improve their swimming strokes. Other children are given time to feel safe in the water with plenty of toys to help gain their confidence.

Green Class geography work has seen a large world map being created. Each pupil has then been identifying where their home countries are. It was great to see that we have such a diverse class.

Finally our Green Class science work for the spring term has involved a study of forces. Different experiments have been set up to help demonstrate the differences between pulls and pushes. This has been very practical, with objects and items being pushed and pulled!

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