Class 10EG Ann Frank World War Two Research

Class 10EG are continuing with their major topic looking at many aspects of World War 2. This is a very challenging theme. The students are approaching their work with great maturity.

The learning is a mixture of looking at the military themes, as well as the way that people lived during Wartime. Class 10EG have learnt about the Allies and how they were able to work together to secure a victory.

Our work has now started to research some of the more personal stories connected to the War. We are currently learning about the life of Anne Frank. The students have been understanding why she went into hiding, and what we can find out about the War from her diary.

Plenty of table work has been carried out. Puzzles have been completed to make up pictures of people that carried out Wartime roles. The students have also been sorting some photographs and adding the correct label.

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