Class 7CM Introduction to the Cello

Class 7CM have been looking at different musical families that we can find in the orchestra. Our regular music lessons usually start with a friendly hello. Each pupil is asked to sound out the syllables from the names of other class friends.

Our research looking at different instruments has involved sessions with the piano, the trumpet and a clarinet. Class 7CM have now started to learn about the string family.

The first task was to identify the different instruments. Music teacher Miss H gave each pupil a Communication in Print whiteboard showing six different string instruments. The students had to order these in the correct sequence size.

It was now time for the practical part of the learning. Miss H introduced a full size cello to the students. The pupils were asked to think about where the sound might come from.

Miss H then played some notes. Each class member was invited to feel the vibrations that were coming out of the main body of the cello. All of the pupils then had the opportunity to play some music on the cello.

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