Class 8RH Gymnastics PE Video

Our PE work in Class 8RH has been helping the pupils to feel confident using the school gym equipment. Mr Jones spoke about the importance of safety, before setting up three work stations.

Each activity had the aim of improving our sense of balance. The first station involved a low level jump of a small vaulting horse. Once confidence levels had been built up, some class members added in a half turn.

The higher vaulting horse was the next challenge. Some of the class members managed to build up their confidence after first being a little unsure about climbing the equipment. Adult help was available if the pupils needed it.

The final gymnastics work station had three benches set up, all at different levels. The Class 8RH pupils were asked to balance and walk across the benches. Mr Jones asked each pupil to be realistic about their expectations. This exercise was about judging our abilities, and then finding a strategy to improve.

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