Class 9JB Daily Circle Time Sessions

The Class 9JB students have been making some progress during their daily circle time. This is a special time at the start of the day for the pupils. They share activities such as saying good morning, having snacks and gentle exercise.

This is a very structured form of learning. The class members respond well to the routine. Communication is key here. The teaching staff work with each student to encourage them to make choices.

Some of the students enjoy a head massage; others pupils use their Picture Exchange Communication cards to request a shoulder compress exercise.

Table work activity then takes place. The students are given different tasks to complete, depending on their learning expectations.

One activity involves sorting coins in their size order, and then placing them in the right slot in a box. Other Class 9JB pupils have been improving their letter character formation.

Some of the higher ability students work with an adult on reading a story. This is a very interactive approach. The teaching staff ask questions about the story. PECS boards are used to offer the pupils a choice.

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