Red Class Emotions Explored with Swimmy Book

Red Class have been continuing their work based around Leo Lionni’s Swimmy book. This is a story that has a wider message about how we are all different, but we are also all important. The pupils have been using the story to help explore their own identities and emotions.

The teaching staff have created some amazing resources to help with this work. A puppet theatre has been assembled. Stick puppets have been made for the main characters in the story.

Pairs of pupils have been working together. One of the class members acts out the play, whilst the other writes down the events that are taking place. Red Class have been asked to focus on their use of colourful semantics.

Another resource is the big fish that has been created to help with a sorting activity. Pictures of animals, objects and foods are all mixed together. The pupils are asked to feed the fish any pictures that belong to one group. The final task is to label each picture.

A wonderful Red Class piece of artwork has also created out of the Swimmy book. Each class member was asked to choose a fish character from the story. The pupils then chose a colour scheme for their fish, and added a photo of their own face.

This now forms a display in the shape of a large fish in our classroom. Red Class have been thinking about the message in the Swimmy book: we are all different, but we all swim together.

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