Spring Term Learning in Purple Class

The Purple Class children have continued to explore our local community. The pupils visit the local shops around Rosendale Road once a week.

This is an opportunity for the class members to feel safe and confident outside of the school. Our shopping trips have involved some new fruits being bought and then tasted. Class teacher Kasia is keen for the children to experience some new tastes.

Purple Class are also visiting Brockwell Park each week. We use this session as part of our general fitness work. The children have now built up to an impressive 20 minute running period.

We hold class conversations about we can feel safe in our community. The children are asked to hold hands whilst walking to Brockwell Park. Thought is also given about what to wear. If it is a cold day then Kasia and her team ask the children what they might need to wear.

Back in the classroom and Purple Class have been having some fun with our daily counting songs. The class members are encouraged to sing along. The aim if for each child to be able to count from one to five.

This work is reinforced with the table work that follows. Differently activities take place. Purple Class have been playing matching and counting games.

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