Green Class Squash and a Squeeze English Learning

Green Class have started to read A Squash and a Squeeze. This story involves many different animals. The children have been learning the makaton signs for the characters in the book.

We will be building the animal house where the animals live. Role play will also take place using some puppets from the Squash and a Squeeze story.

Maths work has involved the children preparing for a shopping experience. The pupils have been working with cash tills. Some of the children are the shoppers, whilst others are the shop keepers. We have been handling money and giving out receipts.

Our science learning has looked at the life cycle of mammals and birds. We have started a Stone Age topic for our history lessons.

The children have also enjoyed tracing the shapes of letters using sandpaper. The rough surface helps the children to feel the different shapes. We have also been working on letter recognition using the Green Class keyboards.

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